Campaign Victory for Lancashire to retain shale gas revenues

Ben Wallace MP today signalled victory in his campaign to get the North West and Lancashire power over revenues from any shale gas exploration in the region. For the last 12 months Mr Wallace has organised a cross-party campaign to ensure the people of Lancashire keep Shale gas revenues to be used for their benefit.

Commenting on the Chancellors announcement Mr Wallace said: "I am delighted that after a year of hard work and lobbying we have secured for Lancashire a long term funding commitment from Shale Gas exploration. I was determined that any gas exploitation was used by us in the North to better all our lives in North. Shale gives us the potential do things our way with our money."

Mr Wallace, who last week met the Chancellor to press the issue said: "I am passionate that we re-balance Britain. A separate wealth fund controlled in the North and free from the London based Treasury gives us a chance to transform our future. As home of the industrial revolution we in Lancashire can once again be the power house of the country."