Thornton Community News - September 2015

The summer is definitely over, to be replaced with that “back to school” feeling.  I hope the many students starting new schools this autumn – whether that be starting school for the first time or moving on to secondary school or college – are settling in well to their new surroundings.

Over Wyre Focus - September 2015

I hope you have been enjoying the summer and have been able to spend time enjoying the many events and sights Wyre has to offer.  After the election campaign (far too long in my opinion!) I managed to get some time off in North Wales.  While the weather was disappointing the children loved it.

Thornton Community News - August 2015

Earlier this month we saw the Chancellor, George Osborne MP, give his Summer Budget, the first of this Government.  Budget Day is one of the big events of the Parliamentary calendar, when the chancellor of the day reports on the state of the economy and the government’s taxation and spending plans.  In line with that long tradition, Mr Osborne reported that the budget deficit has been halved since 2010, the recovery is well-established and economic security is returning.

Over Wyre Focus - June 2015

No doubt the end of the election season will be as much of a relief for you as it was for me.

Over Wyre Focus - Mar 2015

I am delighted to report that with the green shoots of spring, it looks like our economy is turning a corner.