Local MP visits Franklaw Water Treatment Works

Most of Mr Wallace’s Constituency and more than 300,000 households in Lancashire have been affected by a Boiled Water Notice (BWN) for over a week.  Mr Wallace was met by officials from United Utilities and was given a tour around the treatment works.

 After the visit Mr Wallace said; “Several constituents have highlighted concerns with regard to the BWN to me and in-turn I took this opportunity to pass these concerns on.  UU are ensuring that there are no traces of cryptosporidium in the water system and they are achieving this by thorough testing.  While I know this process cannot be rushed and they are right to be on the side of caution when it comes to minimising any risk to the public, I have been told that UU are very close to declaring the water drinkable again, I hope this happens ASAP.  I also brought up the issue of compensation to residents and although no sum has been confirmed, I have been informed that it will be paid in some form.”

 Summing up, Mr Wallace said, “I will continue to keep a close eye on this situation, it is extremely important to learn from this in order to minimise the risk of a similar situation in the future.”