Wyre MP’s delight at Roseacre refusal decision

It was confirmed today to Wyre MP Ben Wallace that the decision had been made by the Secretary of State to uphold the original inspector’s recommendation with regards to the potential fracking site at Roseacre and dismiss Cuadrilla’s appeal.  The Secretary of State confirmed that he has refused planning permission for construction and operation of a site for drilling up to four exploratory wells at the site.

Wyre MP Ben Wallace who has consistently fought against Cuadrilla’s plans at Roseacre commented, “I am delighted that after strong representations by the local community and me, the Secretary of State has blocked the new fracking site at Roseacre.  It was always in the wrong location due to the impact of traffic and I hope now my constituents can rest at ease. I am also pleased that earlier this month my efforts on behalf of Lancashire Police has meant they have got extra funding to police the more advanced fracking site at Preston New Road.”

Mr Wallace continued, “I agree 100% with the opinion of the Secretary of State when he stated in his report that the proposed development would have a serious and very significant adverse impact on the safety of people using the public highway.  Common-sense has prevailed!”