Thornton Community News - Oct 2014

The nights are really drawing in now and we have seen a definite change in the season!  Like my children, I’ve had the back to school feeling returning to Westminster after the Party Conference season.  Within hours of being in London, I wanted to be back in Lancashire!

Over Wyre Focus - Sep 2014

As I write this autumn has arrived and the nights are drawing in. My children are all back at school with my youngest, Harry, now in reception. It really is frightening how quickly they grow up!

Over Wyre Focus - Aug 2014

Firstly, can I start by congratulating all those who were successful in their GCSEs and A-Levels? To those who did not get the grades they wanted, I sympathise. To this day, I never forget the lady at my school reading me my results down the telephone.

Over Wyre Focus - Jul 2014

Many of you will be concerned by the greatly increased number of planning applications which have appeared in Wyre. This is the result of Wyre Council putting an appeal out for sites earlier in the year.