Focus Article October 2019

As I get older it is not months that seem to fly by but seasons!  Here we are in Autumn already, dare I say it, with Christmas around the corner. 

My mailbag continues to be filled with both local and national issues with the latest on BREXIT of course, dominating. 

Focus Article September 2019

I would like to inform you how pleased I am to have been appointed Secretary of State for Defence by the Prime Minister.  The defence of our great nation is a great responsibility.  Having served in the Armed Forces myself I hope I will bring relevant experience to the role and it is a challenge

Focus Article August 2019

As your local Member of Parliament it is extremely important that I know what is going on and what the challenges are in the constituency. 

Focus Article July 2019

Looking out the window, the Lancashire weather does not know what to do at the moment but I do hope it picks up and we have a real summer.  Westminster continues to dominate the news for many reasons but please be assured that I continue to represent the constituency of Wyre and Preston North wit

Focus Article June 2019

With summer around the corner and the weather improving, I am delighted to continue to have the opportunity to travel around the constituency.

Focus Article May 2019

By the time this article goes to print Easter will be over and we will be hurtling towards summer. I do hope we can look forward to a good summer weather-wise. 


I want to see a meaningful Brexit which respects the outcome of the referendum and ensures that we are no longer bound by EU regulations. With this in mind I voted last night against proposals for a Customs Union and Common Market.


Focus Article April 2019

Westminster continues to be an extremely busy place, with a great deal going on, particularly relating to Brexit. 

Focus Article March 2019

I am receiving a great deal of letters and emails at the moment about national issues and these help me to represent you effectively in Parliament.  Westminster is an extremely busy place at the moment as you can imagine, but a Member of Parliament must always remember their constituency and livi